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Business Setup Services

An entity desirous of setting up a business in India is faced with option of entity under which it should start up its business in India.

A new entity has to comply with plethora of laws and regulations including but not limited to Company Law, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and various rules and regulations formulated thereunder, Goods and Services Tax, Income Tax and labour laws.

A foreign investor can chose from following:

  • Wholly owned subsidiary

  • Joint venture formulated as Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Liaison office

  • Branch office

  • Project office

We at Sundeep Chadha & Co. can suggest most suitable entity for doing the business, complying with legal framework for setting up the entity, getting approval for investment in India, opening bank account, complying with the provisions of Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax.

We at Sundeep Chadha & Co. can also help in formulating business model keeping in view direct and indirect taxation including transfer pricing and avoidance of double taxation.

During the infancy period of new entity we can hand hold and help in recruitment of administrative and accounting staff. Further, we can take up the job of complying with various laws and regulations and regulatory filings.

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